You are an Employee

  • An English speaking individual
  • Working (or about to work) in Germany 
    on a local or foreign employment contract
  • unsure what your tax situation is in Germany and
    you find it difficult to get solid answers on
    this in your mother tongue

You want to

  • file your annual German tax return
  • maximize your tax refund
  • Find out what you can claim and what you
    need to pay in Germany
  • Make sure you do not experience
    any unpleasant surprises from the tax man
  • do all of the above simply in English language







 Client Testimonials


Our Services for You

For most of our English speaking

employee clients we file their

annual German tax returns. We

make sure our clients claim 

everything they are entitled to,

make sure they are tax compliant

(including any international aspects

relevant on the German side) and

take care of anything until the tax

refund is in their bank account.

Everything in English language of course!

If you have a question of a rather general nature regarding your

tax status as an employee, it is quite likely that we have come

across this before and that you will find the answer in our FAQ section.

In many cases we can also provide brief general answers free

of charge via email.