You are a Freelancer

  • An English speaking individual
  • Working (or about to work) in Germany on a freelance
    basis (contractor)
  • unsure what your tax situation is in Germany and you
    find it difficult to get solid answers on this in your
    mother tongue

You want to

  • register for tax in Germany (get a tax number)
  • Optimize your tax situation
  • Find out what you can claim and what you need to
    do in Germany to be tax compliant
  • Make sure you have the tax side of things covered
    and don‘t have to worry about unpleasant surprises
    from the tax man
  • do all of the above simply in English language




 Client Testimonials

Our Services for You

We assist most of our English speaking

freelance clients in the process of tax

registration and advise them on finding

the optimal tax position. If our

clients wish, we can take care of

their ongoing filing requirements and

make arrangements so that all tax

related correspondence goes through our

office automatically.


Our clients are always free to choose

the level of service they require. Either they decide to hand

everything over to us or they only ask for our advice when certain

issues come up.


If you have a question of a rather general nature regarding your

freelance status, it is quite likely that we have come across this

before and that you will find the answer in our FAQ section.

In many cases we can also provide brief general answers free

of charge via email.