You are a Property Investor

  • An English speaking individual
  • You are not resident in Germany
  • You bought (or you are about to buy) investment property
    in Germany

You want to

  • file your annual German tax return
  • Make sure you utilize all benefits which the German tax
    systems provides deal with an advisor who understands your
    cross border situation and speaks your language
  • Make sure there are no unpleasant surprises from the tax
  • Get things taken care of for you remotely






Our Services for You

For most of our English speaking

investor clients we file their annual

German tax returns. We make

sure our clients claim everything

they are entitled to, make sure

they are tax compliant (including

any international aspects relevant

on the German side). Most clients

have an arrangement to make

sure all tax related

correspondence goes

directly through our office and

we take care of it – all year round.

Everything in English language of course!

In many cases we can provide brief general answers free of

charge via email.