Expattax has prepared my German tax declarations ever since 2014. I have always been very impressed by the high degree of professionalism and kindness shown to me by the Steuerberaterinnen who worked directly with me, most recently Antje Rudolf, but also her predecessors, Birgit Augustin and Claudia Arendas. I was also impressed when Thomas Zitzelsberger himself contacted me when Antje took over my account after Birgit left and took special care to make sure my needs were met.  All three advisors also worked well with the CPA who prepared my American tax declarations. This past year was a bit tricky, due to my retirement in June and relocation to the USA; Mr. Opperman reported that Ms. Rudolf had been especially helpful to him.

So, thanks to the entire team for giving me peace of mind in this matter.

S. Bevington

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