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What is the Capital Gains Tax Rate in Germany?

There is no separate tax on capital gains. Capital gains are subject to income tax as regular income however: there is no capital gains tax on a property used as a private home there is no capital gains tax on a  property held for more than 10 years capital gains on shares are taxed at a…


Can I Get German Pension Contributions Refunded After I Leave Germany?

The most frequent situation we come across for the purposes of getting German pension contributions refunded is the following: – You have worked in Germany as a regular employee for less than 60 months – You have paid into the German pension system during this time – You do not hold an EU citizenship – You…


Can An Expat Claim Relocation Expenses When Moving To Germany?

If you can show that you relocated for work purposes you can make a claim for your relocation expenses. In most cases it is sufficient to show that you took up work in Germany within a reasonable period after relocating. You can claim the cost of transport for yourself and all members of your family…