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B. Garoffolo: German Tax Services

Australia and Italy
posted 3.6.2016

I am very happy with the customer service attitude and the level of expertise. As an Australian/Italian, I have experienced in Germany somewhat of a culture shock in terms of extremely formal processes and rigid cultural attitudes.  I am pleasantly surprised with fluid and sympathetic attitudes of your staff, and can relate well to Stefan Burger.Excellent!

J. Patino: German Tax Service

United States
posted 6.5.2016

I have been very happy thus far with the tax services provided. I have appreciated the time spent on the phone during the initial paperwork and the through explanations I received. Keep up the good work and Thank you all for the great support. Taxes are no fun and you’ve made handling and understanding them easier.

Sally Wilson: German Tax Return

posted 27.1.2016

I want to take the time to say a very special thank you to all of the team at Expattax! It was some 10 years ago now that I first procrastinated over which firm to use to manage my taxation once I relocated to Munich. Thomas, Yvonne and more recently Claudia have all made my experience with the German taxation system that much more manageable and less daunting! As an Australian posted to Germany with limited language skills I was faced with a magnitude of complex taxation requirements and legislation all new to me. For several years I was able to place my full trust in the team at Expattax and was always so impressed with the speed, efficiency and professionalism shown to me on every occasion we worked together. When I was faced with extensive medical expenses and significant time off work they also helped me to liaise with the local Finanzamt to ensure my exceptional circumstances were recognised. They even continued to assist me from China and then Australia when I was re-assigned and needed help to finalise the last of my taxation requirements in Germany!  Thank you Expattax for always giving me peace of mind! I have no hesitation to recommend your services to anyone looking for flawless German taxation advice and service! Vielen Dank!

S. Robbins: German Tax Return

United States
posted 15.1.2016

Shortly after I contacted you, our tax preparation was turned over to your associate Claudia.  From the beginning ours was a difficult case.  The main issue being whether or not my pension would be taxed in Germany.  Had this been ruled taxable, the results would have been monumentally difficult for us.

From the very beginning, Claudia showed a level of personal commitment to helping us that is very hard to find.  She was patient and reassuring, often answering emails after hours and on weekends.  She was some how able to manage the horrible tax assessor we were stuck with and after a very long fight we (she) won.

I want to say thank you to Expattax and especially to Claudia. You guys really saved the day.

Adrian C.: taxation for foreign freelancers

United Kingdom
posted 28.9.2015

I hesitated before taking my first contract in Germany mainly because of the language barrier and the complex taxation system. But Thomas was very helpful and provided me with detailed answers but mainly with cost effective solutions for my case.

As he was initially on vacation when I first contacted his company, I tried also getting some answers from other experts but I didn’t receive any valuable answer. Just slow answers with basic information generally available on any German Finance site about VAT and income tax rates.

So the choice to continue with Thomas came natural. Moreover I had it confirmed I was right by my new colleagues in the office.

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  1. A. Peel

    Stephanie Reiber was my tax adviser after initial conversations with Thomas.

    I can only say positive things about both. Thomas was receptive to my difficult circumstances during our initial conversations, and Stephanie was there every step of the way. She was polite, always on hand, quick with her informative replies, and patient with me. I cannot stress how useful this was and how much stress this took out of the situation for me. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of expattax, and more specifically Stephanie. I would recommend your service to anyone.

  2. N. Peterson

    I am quite satisfied with the service I have received from EXPATTAX. I worked with Ms. Reiber who was patient and explained things clearly. My tax returns are quite difficult, and I was pleased with the outcome (in spite of owing quite a lot). It has not yet been accepted by the Finanzamt folks, so I look forward to completing the process once it is, and to using your services again for 2016.

  3. A. De Mario

    We were very happy with the service, especially about the responsiveness and the easiness of communication, as well as clarity of instructions.

  4. Chuck Nepps

    We have been working with expattax since 2013. Our accountant Andrea Görgens always goes above and beyond, to answer our questions and help resolve problems. Having U.S. investments, in addition to German consulting income, it is very comforting to know that our tax issues are being handled thoroughly and professionally.

  5. P. Gray

    I am extremely happy with the service I received from EXPATTAX services. Because it was tax season when I first made contact, I had to wait a few days for a response from them. When I did talk to them in a few days, Thomas explained that they were very busy and I would have to wait a few weeks to get started with my tax representative. I waited approximately three weeks and Stephanie Brandl called and the ball started rolling. She was very attentive to my every email and worry. She was very thorough walking me through the tax documents, explaining every step. She prepared my tax document and promptly mailed it off to the finance amt. I received my refund approximately two months later. I would recommend EXPATTAX to anyone needing help with their Deutschland Tax Issues, as they are very professional and very attentive to your needs.

  6. Henry Cassidy

    I would highly recommend Thomas and his team to any person seeking clear and efficient advice. They are prompt, timely,courteous and professional. Hard to beat that..

  7. A. Harper

    I am totally satisfied and happy with the service provided by yourselves at EXPATTAX. From my first conversation with Thomas to my communications with Birgit, I was supported and given good and solid advice. The whole process was very professional and smoothly handled. I am happy to recommend your services anytime. Happy new year to you all and I wish you a successful 2018.

  8. S. Christ

    We had the most informative and efficient conversation with Thomas. We are Americans residing in Germany for one year. Our work situation is a bit different and Thomas knew how to handle this. The service from Thomas and EXPATTAX was excellent. I highly recommend this company.

  9. Brian Solis

    I have worked with Claudia Kuffer since late 2014, and she has filed my German tax return from 2014 through 2017. Claudia is exceptionally kind, thorough, and patient, and I highly recommend her services. She managed to deal with taxes in two countries, including 4 US States, tax-free stipends, regular wages, child benefits, parental leave money, and global investments, all without any problems. I am extremely satisfied with the services EXPATTAX has provided!

  10. M. Morrissette

    I am still waiting on my refund, but know that it can take some time and assume that everything was processed properly.
    I was extremely satisfied with your service. Everything was handled in an extremely timely manner and your colleagues were always very friendly and helpful.
    I would certainly recommend Expattax to a friend.

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