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Freelancer Next Steps: How to Pay VAT Taxes in Germany

Your Finanzamt will ask you to initially submit monthly VAT returns for your VAT taxes (unless you are registered as a “Kleinunternehmer” – a micro business).You will have to report your monthly VAT liability to the Finanzamt and make VAT payments accordingly. The reporting (“Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung”) is done electronically via where you also find the relevant forms.  At…


How Do I Register As A Freelancer/Contractor In Germany?

How to Register as a Freelancer/Contractor? You need to register with your local Finanzamt as “selbständig”. You can find the required registration form at: Your Finanzamt will then issue a tax number for you. The registration is not as complicated as the 8 page form would suggest. You need to provide information on your…


How Do I Show VAT on Invoices as a Freelancer or Contractor in Germany?

If you did not register as “Kleinunternehmer” you will in most cases have to show VAT on invoices if your customer is located in Germany. The most frequent domestic case we come across in which a VAT exemption applies is teaching income (if your customer is VAT exempt). If you provide a consulting service to…